You want your organisation to be able to deal with peaks in business. At those moments, you can rely on Personnel Search. We can find the right candidate to fill in for a sick colleague, or set up a completely new team for a new project.
In the current volatile IT market, it is a fact that certain back-end vacancies can only be filled with part-time and flexible teams.
Examples are senior Java developers, and specific back-end development vacancies.
We have more than 15 years of experience in creating those flexible teams for companies. You can count on our extensive network of IT specialists and expert senior IT recruiters. We take recruitment off your hands, and select the best candidates for you.
Many of our temporary IT colleagues specifically choose flexible work contracts. They are very motivated and can fill vacancies in your organization on a temporary basis. Personnel Search acts as their employer and takes on all the respective responsibilities. From payrolling to annual tax statements, from career counselling to training - we take care of it.
Our parent company is NEN 4400-1 certified and registered in the Register for Labour Standards.
We always use a G account.
This enables us to offer our clients a stable financial administration.
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