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Dion Hagenaars
Phone home: (076) 5205 511
Cell phone: (06) 4202 1480

Back-end developer .NET Core - Amersfoort


Company profile

Our client, founded in 2009, specializes in making efficient schedules to ensure that healthcare in the Netherlands functions optimally.
After their establishment, they started developing and improving their unique planning platform (domain algorithms) and subsequently tested it extensively in the market. Making sensible planning is a huge challenge and healthcare institutions are constantly coming up with new complex conditions that the planning must meet. The balance between the interests of the client, practitioner, doctor, and organization is a complex puzzle. Therefore, our client's priority was to be 100% sure that they could actually deliver the solution, which is why they only really entered the market in 2018. However, with this step, they have the ambition to take immediate, immense innovative steps, leaving the roadmap overcrowded. That being said, healthcare is currently in desperate need of this solution and as a developer, you can help tremendously.

Primary responsibilities

As an experienced back-end developer, you will work on a special planning system within the healthcare branche, that aims to make healthcare better, cost-effective and more efficient. This is a very important topic that will become a major social problem if we do not solve it together.

Within the team, you will work according to the DevOps method. This is why they are looking not only for a developer, but also for an engineer who is passionate about working with technology, is not afraid of big challenges and fully understands that Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is a prerequisite for 24x7 software. Of course, you also have knowledge of design patterns and system architecture. The front-end is developed in TypeScript and Angular. This communicates with the API back-end developed in C#. This is where you will spend most of your time. Your role will be to develop new functionalities. There is virtually no legacy code, because it always directly refactors when the code is touched. The functionalities include the development of their domain algorithm engine with Machine Learning.

Knowledge & Skill requirements

Strong problem-solving ability;
Knowledge of SOLID principles and common design patterns;
Knowledge of and experience with .NET, .NET Core, Angular, Typescript, CSS, SCSS, HTML, REST API;
Experience with CI / CD and DevOps;
Experience with TDD, BDD, DDD and system architectures;
Experience with the Agile / Scrum method;
Knowledge and experience with Microservices is a nice-to-have;
Experience with Azure is a plus;
Team player attitude.

Working conditions

For our client, attention, conviviality, development and, above all, pleasant cooperation in the team are of paramount importance.

Our client offers the following:

Competitive salary;
Good pension plan;
Flexible working hours;
Possibility to work from home;
Opportunities to attend various workshops;
Self-development: training and coaching;
Experienced and driven colleagues;
Startup mentality;
Business phone & laptop.



Contact person

D Hagenaars
T: (076) 5205 511
M: (06) 4202 1480

Back-end developer .NET Core