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Samuel  den Biggelaar
Cell phone: (06) 3199 8122

PHP Developer Laravel - Hoofddorp


Our Client GET-E

GET-E is a company in the worldwide booking of transportation. They are currently active at around 600 destinations.
They focus on making booking transportation as easy as possible. They focus on airlines, the business traveler and other segments. With the unique booking tool, bookings are made easy. As a PHP Software Developer, you ensure that systems are fast, super tight and reliable. You will work with tech teams from the biggest players in the global travel industry and you will get a lot of responsibility that you normally do not get that quickly!

Arriving at the airport you are confronted again with busy taxi queues. You are not sure about the final price and the quality of your taxi ride. GET-E offers you a more convenient way of traveling. A pre-booked and pre-paid taxi. The driver will meet you at a pre-determined meeting point. Your airport taxi transfer is automatically adapted to your arriving or departing flight.

Company culture

Company culture is very important for GET-E. It is a crucial role in the success or failure of a business.
Some keywords in their way to run business are freedom (no micromanagement), beer Fridays, possibilities to get certifications, and enthusiastic co-workers.

Responsibilities, your new workday, and code

As a Developer, you are the point of contact for the operations team, airlines, and customers.
GET-E has a wide range of products, from APIs, Native-Apps to special integrations with airlines. As an Engineer, you ensure that everything runs as it should and you come up with the necessary suggestions for adjustments. You are leading to new features that are conceived from operations or sales or your own thoughts. You'll discuss with them to see if they have seen it well and so come up with new processes that you can then develop yourself.

What does a day look like?

After a good night's rest, you come in to see what points should be dealt with immediately from the 24/7 operation. You look calmly at whether any systems have encountered problems and you take a nice cup of coffee. The company stand-up starts at 10.00. In this stand-up important matters are shared from all parts of the company. You get started with your feature and discuss with the Product Owner exactly how it works and what its purpose is. You have just put a new feature online and take a look at the operation to see how things are going, answer questions and come up with improvements. The day is now over and you are going home to start a fresh start tomorrow!

What happens to your code?

There is a high focus on code quality. This means that all code may only be checked in if there are some Doc blocks, tests have been written and there has been a code review.
After the code is checked in, it is automatically transferred to the test environment so that the team can test the changes. Then it is deployed to the production environment.
Deployment to production takes place about 3 times a week so the code that you wrote is immediately taken into use! They believe that if something is finished, the customer should use it as quickly as possible.

Who are you?

You have BSc+ level of work and thinking;
Junior 1+ years of experience;
Medior 2-4 years of experience;
Senior 4+ years of experience;

You are experienced in PHP and know how to write an application so that everything is isolated in clear blocks. High cohesion, low coupling;
You are familiar with a PHP Framework, preferably Laravel and you understand what a Framework contributes to development;
You understand the necessity of testing the code and you are familiar with PHPUnit and Mocking;
You are familiar with the S.O.L.I.D principles and Design patterns.


You have knowledge of Amazon Web Services (or other IaaS Provider) and you understand different terms such as DNS, Servers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, and Proxies;
You have a copy of Clean Code by Robert C. Martin under your pillow;
You are interested in Infrastructure, CI / CD.



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S den Biggelaar
T: (076) 5205 511
M: (06) 3199 8122

PHP Developer Laravel