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Dion Hagenaars
Privé telefoon: (076) 5205 511
Mobiel: (06) 4202 1480

Front-end developer - ReactJS/TypeScript - Amsterdam


Functie omschrijving Front-end developer - ReactJS/TypeScript

You will develop innovative front-end applications using technologies such as ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga and help them stay up to date in their technology selection as the frontend landscape continues to evolve. As a Frontend Developer, you will be responsible for: Developing frontend applications using a stack similar to “react-boilerplate”: ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga etc.; Advocating for front-end development best practices, and doing whatever it takes to help to get the right solutions implemented to deliver value to customers around the globe.

Functie eisen Front-end developer - ReactJS/TypeScript

We are looking for someone with a strong proficiency in JavaScript/Flow/TypeScript, React.js, Redux and: Extensive experience integrating with RESTful APIs; Knowledge of modern authentication and authorization mechanisms such as OAuth, OpenID Connect and JWT;
Familiarity with modern CI/CD, code versioning and QA tools and processes; An appreciation of functional programming;
The confidence to speak up when you think something can be done better or smarter and the ability to accept compromises when necessary;
The ability to translate business requirements into technical requirements, and an agile mindset and experience with Scrum or other methodologies.

For this client, there are 2 people internally recruiting if you have questions you can contact Dion Hagenaars (see contact details below) or get in touch with Marc Vermeulen at +31646322914 or send him an email




D Hagenaars
T: (076) 5205 511
M: (06) 4202 1480

Front-end developer - ReactJS/TypeScript