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Dion Hagenaars
Privé telefoon: (076) 5205 511
Mobiel: (06) 4202 1480

Software Engineer Go - Amsterdam


Functie omschrijving Software Engineer Go

You will be a Software Engineer that creates and maintains analytical applications for pricing experts and management in 24 countries to embed advanced analytical models in the strategic decision-making process. You develop and maintain analytical applications, design, build and maintain data pipelines. Connections are required for data analytics and you use cases that are reliable and efficient. You will create automated reports on applications, and monitor/improve them to maximize analytics quality.

Functie eisen Software Engineer Go

You finished successfully an IT related study in which you learned how git branching worked. Knowledge of VueJS, Typescript, Go, Python and big data platforms: AWS Redshift, SQL Server Data Warehouse are important in this role. You have basic knowledge of analytical and statistical techniques (e.g. regression, forecasting, machine learning). Your Engineering skills are: Agile, DevOps, Design Techniques, SOA. In addition, your database Fundamentals capabilities are: Plan, Design, Operation, and Troubleshooting. It is necessary to have 2+ years of relevant work experience in web development, big data, databases, (docker), security and the cloud. You excel in one or more of these topics and you would like to broaden your tech knowledge. It is an advantage If you worked together with Data Scientists. For this client, there are 2 people internally recruiting if you have questions you can contact Dion Hagenaars (see contact details below) or get in touch with Marc Vermeulen at +31646322914 or send him an email




D Hagenaars
T: (076) 5205 511
M: (06) 4202 1480

Software Engineer Go