Best of both worlds


Contract-to-hire combines secondment and permanent employment. In the first year, the candidate is seconded via Personnel Search IT Recruitment, after which you can hire the candidate into permanent employment free of charge. The best of both worlds!

AFter secondment period in permanent employment

This brings several advantages. During the first year of secondment, you only pay for the hours the candidate actually worked. This also offers you an ample trial period to see whether the candidate functions well and suits your organization before you hire them into permanent employment.

INcluding training & following courses

Another advantage is that during the secondment period the candidate can follow the necessary (certification) courses or training via Personnel Search IT Recruitment. There’s less risk for your organization but you still retain flexibility and continuity.

the advantages of contract-to-hire

No employer risk

Spread costs

Extended assessment period

Maintain flexibility

Technical certification of the professional

Free acquisition of candidate

What kind of IT professional are you looking for?

We mediate ambitious IT professionals who work as e.g. Back End DeveloperSoftware Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, .NET developer, Office 365 Specialist, Full Stack Developer, Business Intelligence Specialist, PHP Developer and Tester.

Does contract-to-hire fit your needs?

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