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Our work method

Our success rate of 98% and over 220 reviews with an average score of 4.9 stars show that the recruitment method of Personnel Search IT Recruitment ensures high retention, satisfied clients and happy candidates. What distinguishes our approach from other IT recruitment agencies?

Recruiting on character

IT Recruitment means more than matching the client demands and candidate on technical requirements. It is about understanding culture, development opportunities and matching the right professional in terms of personality and soft skills, not just technical expertise.

That is why we think it is important to know who potential candidates are, what they are looking for in a new job, what they need, what (professional) goals they want to achieve, and which aspects of their work they like the most. This strongly influences whether the candidate matches well with the client or not. Someone who thrives in a small organization without hierarchy is not a good fit for a multinational with thousands of employees and a hierarchical corporate culture – that does not work in the long term.

The match on character and company culture is of great importance if you want new colleagues to work for your organization for a longer period of time. Because employees who enjoy their new position and team often stay with the company longer and are less sensitive to outside offers. Especially with the current tight labor market, sufficient attention must be paid to the person themselves – it is a shame to lose a good employee in this aspect.

exclusive recruitment

Exclusive recruiting means that we recruit candidates specifically for your vacancy. When we introduce a candidate to you, we have extensively informed them about your organization, what you stand for, and what the actual job is about. The candidate therefore clearly knows which organization they’re going to apply at and really wants to work for your organization.

This vastly different from the no cure no pay approach, where resumes are forwarded to dozens of companies, without asking in advance. As a result, both candidate and company do not know whether they are a good fit. Sometimes companies even have to compete with each other to get the candidate on board. This often quickly leads to frustration, which is a waste of valuable time for all involved.

Therefore, you should consider exclusive recruitment via Personnel Search IT Recruitment: reliable recruitment with personal attention and care for your organization and vacancies.

Technical testing

The most suitable candidates are tested to make sure that they indeed have the necessary technical skills and knowledge. The tests are always tailor-made for the candidate, appropriate to the requested seniority level and the required techniques, systems or software.

We only introduce candidates to you that have passed their technical test. You can then assume that the candidates have sufficient technical knowledge to properly fulfill the open role in your organization.

What makes our approach successfull

Recruiting on character

Exclusive recruitment

Technical testing

Transparant rates

Expert in expats

Always honest advice

Transparent rates

We won’t present vague rates that are based on percentages of the final salary of placed candidates. We always use a fixed fee per candidate and communicate this transparently to you from the start. You pay half of the fee in advance, after which we start looking for suitable candidates. After placing the candidate, you pay the second half of the fee.

For contract-to-hire, you pay a starting fee before we start recruiting. After one year of secondment, you can then hire the candidate on a permanent basis free of charge.

Expert in expats

The Dutch market for hiring specialized and experienced IT professionals is quite small. Our experience is that candidates from other (European) countries are just as qualified as their Dutch colleagues, if not better, and also have a good work ethic. That is why we place international candidates with more and more clients to their full satisfaction.

And don't worry about them moving to the Netherlands, we will take care of that for both you and the candidate. From work permits and housing to having their own bank account and stocked refrigerator, we ensure that the candidate can start carefree at your organization on the planned start date.

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