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We work exclusively for our clients and we know them inside out. Their ambitions, the company culture and what they really look for in a candidate. We conduct an extensive intake with our clients, both technically and functionally. That is why we know for sure that your new job or assignment will really suit you.

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In the first year you will be seconded to the client through us Personnel Search IT Recruitment. After that, the client will hire you into permanent employment. During secondment, we'll provide you the same salary and benefits as if you're working at the client already.

recruitment & selection

If we contact you for a job in permanent employment, you'll go through an extensive selection procedure with multiple interviews and a technical assessment to test your skills. That way, we'll know for sure if you are the right candidate, both in skills and as a person.


Besides contract-to-hire and recruitment & selection, we can also second you temporarily to a client if they're need of specific knowledge, experience or skills for a specific or short-term project.


Find your next assignment with one of our clients. We regularly have IT freelance assignments and temporary projects available. We use this service for niche assignments only.

Learn & grow as an IT professional

When you find your new job through Personnel Search IT Recruitment, you can assume that you will be facing a job or assignment full of challenge, job satisfaction and growth. We guide you through all processes, so you can fully focus on your job or assignment. If necessary, we ensure that you follow the right training courses and obtain the necessary certification. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Relocation to the Netherlands

Are you currently working in IT in your home country, and are you open to work and live in the Netherlands? We can help you find a job and provide the necessary help with relocation. Like finding a place to live, a social security number and bank account. We'll even stock up your fridge if needed. Leave us your resume and we'll see how we can help you.

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You don't just take a next step as an IT professional. You want to end up in an organization where you are given the space to further develop your talents. A company with potential and ambitions and a corporate culture in which you feel at home. We can find you those companies. In over twenty years we have built up a network with a variety of organizations who need IT professionals on a regular basis. We're happy to match you with one of those companies!

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