Mission statement

IT Recruitment means more than matching the client demands and candidate on technical requirements. It is about understanding culture, development opportunities and matching the right professional in terms of personality and soft skills, not just technical expertise.

This is why Personnel Search IT Recruitment was founded. Founder Marc Vermeulen saw in 2002 that the focus in recruitment was mainly on being able to place candidates quickly, but that insufficient attention was paid to whether the candidate was a good fit for the organization and vice versa.

Even now, more than 20 years later, the growth of no cure no pay recruitment has kept the focus on quantity instead of quality.

IT recruitment with a mission

Our mission is to help IT professionals find a job that makes them happy and matches their professional goals in an organization that suits them well in terms of culture and team.

Happy employees who enjoy their job and working conditions stay with the organization longer and are less open to offers from outside. On the other hand, employees who experience insufficient involvement or challenge, and are unable to develop their skills further, are more likely to leave your organization.

Matching on character and culture

To ensure new employees keep working at the organization for a longer period of time, a match in both character and corporate culture is important as well.

Our focus on matching candidates on both technical skills and personality ensures long-term results and high employee retention. No less than 98% of the professionals we place with our clients still work there after 1 year of employment!