Diana landed her job at Yellowstar thanks to Personnel Search’s advice and guidance

Diana Dugarte is Venezuelan and has been living in the Netherlands for 2 years. After working for over 10 years as an Oracle Developer and .NET developer, both in her home country and in Argentina, she started in December 2022 as an Oracle Developer at Yellowstar in Barendrecht. Personnel Search recruited her for this job and guided her through the application process. “With their help and advice, I now have this great job!”

24 Jan 2023

Emigrate to the Netherlands for work

Diana and her family moved to the Netherlands two years ago. “My husband was offered a job here. For me at the time it was a pity that I had to leave my nice job in Argentina. It was also a challenge to move as expats at the height of the corona pandemic.” But once they lived in the Netherlands, they liked it so much that they bought a house, to settle here for a longer period of time.

In need of another job

However, Diana had some trouble finding her feet in terms of work. Personnel Search had previously contacted Diana for another job, which ultimately turned out not to be a match. Then she found herself another job in her area. Nevertheless, after a few months she contacted the recruiters of Personnel Search again. “I was not comfortable there. I felt nervous about leaving and changing jobs, because you have to be able to pay your mortgage,” she explains. “Plus I was worried about how it would come across to other companies that I wanted to change jobs so quickly.”

Applying for a job at a Great Place To Work

The recruiters of Personnel Search were able to reassure Diana by finding her a great job in a short period of time. One of the vacancies they had available was for an Oracle Developer at Yellowstar in Barendrecht, close to Diana’s home. She immediately had a good feeling about the position and the company. “In Argentina I worked at a 'Great Place To Work' certified company. Yellowstar is that too! That immediately felt familiar – I know what it's like to work at such companies. Naturally, I wanted to apply there.”

Accepted thanks to good tips and guidance Personnel Search

Personnel Search arranged the interview, helped Diana prepare and gave her tips and advice. She appreciated that very much: “They helped me enormously in the process and gave me tips and feedback to go into the interview with more confidence. I really liked that. With their help and advice, I am now working at Yellowstar!” In addition to her work as an Oracle Developer at Yellowstar, Diana can learn more about APEX and take Dutch lessons during working hours to improve her language skills.

“My experience with Personnel Search? Amazing!"

“You don't just find recruiters like Personnel Search, they are very rare. How they guided me, kept me informed and called me with tips and advice during the application process. In one word: amazing!” Diana says with a big smile. “I recommend them to anyone I know who is open to another job.” And the most important tip Personnel Search gave her? "Believe in yourself!"


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