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Is your organisation in need of extra capacity, experience or niche IT expertise for a short period of time or specific project? Secondment is the solution.

Secondment works for your organization

Whether it concerns a strategic or an operational need, for a peak period, a project or for a longer period of time - secondment works for your organization. With secondment, your organization can benefit from the expertise of IT professionals and scale up and down flexibly. Personnel Search IT Recruitment has over 20 years of experience in mediating IT specialists and helps your organization find the best candidates. They will start working for you, but receive a contract with us. This provides them security and flexibility. We arrange all contract and agreements, and you only pay per hour worked.

Extensive network of IT professionals

Personnel Search IT Recruitment has a database and network of over 100.000 experienced IT professionals from the Netherlands and abroad, growing day by day. We look both within and outside our extensive network for qualified IT professionals who fit your organization in terms of knowledge and character.

Our IT specialists

We mediate ambitious IT professionals who work as e.g. Back End DeveloperSoftware Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, Office 365 Specialist, Business Intelligence Specialist, Full Stack Developer.NET DeveloperPHP Developer and Tester.

Why you should choose secondment via Personnel search it recruitment

find an IT professional quickly

More flexibility

Less risks

We provide training if needed

Pay only per hour worked

Recruiting professionals worldwide

Does secondment fit your organization?

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